About the EWCA

The East Willowdale Community Association (EWCA) is an incorporated independent nonpartisan non-profit community organization representing the views of its members in matters that affect our area of Toronto in the former City of "North York".  Since our formation in 2019, we have acted proactively to address developments and community safety matters of impacting our neighbourhood.


A community association that comes together to address issues affecting the neighbourhood, such as traffic congestion, proposed developments and safety concerns.


As per our letters of patent of our corporation our objects/purpose as an association is to:

a) Develop and foster community spirit;
b) Promoting organized athletics, arts, recreation, education, social service and other community endevours; 
c) Promoting adult educational, recreational and athletic facilities and equipment for the benefit of the community.
d) other complementary purposes not inconsistent with these objects determined by the Executive.


  1. A sense of community that arises from a mixed neighbourhood composed of, for example, singles, families, seniors and students.
  2. Institutions and features such as schools, parks, recreation areas and promote businesses along Willowdale Ave.
  3. Responsible intensification which ensures lanes of traffic are not reduced and one that supports single family dwelling zoning, and keeping with its urban design which is, one- and two- story, single-family homes.
  4. A healthy and vibrant ravine environment.
  5. Fosters positive, collaborative and respectful relations with other neighbourhood associations including:
    • Bayview Village Community Association (BVCA) to the east.
    • Willowdale Central Ratepayers Association (WRCA) to the west.
    • Bayview Cummer Neighbourhood Association (BCNA) and Silverview Community Association (SCA) to the north.
  6. Open lines of communication with political officials from the City of Toronto, the Government of Ontario, and the Government of Canada on matters of importance to our community.